Five Simple Things to Improve Your Online Presence

Online Presence - Lloydminster TodayGet Listed in a Local Online Directory

When you are listed in a local online directory, you are harnessing the power of marketing company for your own business. Links to your website along with information about your business and imagery to support it is simply unmatched.

With a listing in a local online directory can increase your own websites ranking in the search engines and provide a direct result of more exposure. You want your business to show up in the search engines not just with your own website but with as many places online as possible.

Not sure how the linking between the sites works, just contact us and we can definitely work with you through the process.


Optimize Your Social Presence Profiles – Online Presence

Online Presence - Lloydminster TodaySo many business social profiles on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Linked In are missing vital information. Just because you create the profile and put your business name on it does not mean you are done. These social platforms provide multiple fields for you to fill out when you create a profile. There is a reason for it. The more information you provide, the more exposure your profile will receive.

Do you think Facebook will favour a flower shop that has just the name and an email in their profile? Or will they favour the flower shop that provides a phone number, website address, description of the business, hours of operation and the address of where they are located?

Naturally, the second option is the most favourable and that one will move quicker in the search engines as well as profile suggestions on the social media platforms. This is what happens when someone local to your business are searching for a business like yours.


Have a Professional Website Built – Online Presence

Online Presence - Lloydminster Today Web DesignYes, we offer web design services, but that is not why this made the list. We can’t emphasize how important this is to your online presence. You need to have a major connection hub for your businesses online presence and this it. Our web design division actually has 8 websites but one major connection hub. Websites are the key to linking strategies, branding, creating-building-sustaining trust, and providing information about your products and / or services.

A website is something that can be permanent. Unlike your website, you can’t control any factor in the daily business operations of any online social platform. It is not unheard of that social platforms do completely change or even sell and adopt completely new platform rules and regulations.

With a website, you control that it is live or not live. You control what you put on it and are not limited to what you can or can’t put on it. A professionally built website creates a permanent home for your business online.

A website also allows you to show off your staff and/or ownership if that is what you want to do. No social platform really allows you the opportunity to outline your staff. A website allows you to create separate emails for different departments so you can streamline your workflow. A website can allow your customers and potential clients to contact exactly who they need to instead of wasting their time as well as the company’s time on redirecting communication.

There are hosting platforms out there that allow you to build a site on it and then you just pay a service fee each month. Well, these same platforms don’t allow you to take your site with you if you decide to change hosting companies. With an independent and professionally built website, your website is yours. You can get a back-up copy of it and it can be moved to any hosting company you want to use. Having control of your marketing assets is so very important for every business owner, don’t shortchange yourself on controlling your website; the most important marketing asset you can have online.

Are you wanting to learn more about getting a professional website built and the process we engage with you to complete it? Contact our online presence web team through our online website form. Let’s chat about your project and talk about opportunities for your business.


Optimize Your Google My Business Profile – Online Presence

There are several fundamentals when it comes to a Google Business Profile. A web professional who is proficient in SEO and Internet Marketing can walk you through the proper optimization process. Always keep in mind that when a search engine like Google provides you a field to fill out, they want you to fill it out.

Fill it out!

The core requirements when you create a Google My Business profile is your logo, contact information, link to your website, imagery of your products or services, and information about your products and services.

There is a header image required for your profile. A professional SEO specialist can usually assist you with sizing and image requirements.


Be Sure to Make Contacting You Simple!

OHHHHHHH, such a pet peeve for the writer of this article. I find an amazing product, go to their website, and then it is all over. I don’t know if they are in Canada, or the USA or perhaps some other country. This is so important here in Canada as our dollar fluctuates so much against the USD. Our shipping costs are also much more than most other places on planet earth.

It is hard to support a local small business if we don’t know where you are located. No geographical location eliminates more sales than you can imagine. It leaves doubt when it comes to customer support etc..

Don’t be an enigma with your online presence, let the world know where you are located and be proud of it. Example, is operated privately in Streamstown, Alberta and covers the entire Vermilion River County. Our business mailing address is PO Box 351, Marwayne, Alberta, T0B 2X0.

Never hide your business, let the world know all about you; build relationships with people rather than alienating yourself from people who like what you have to offer.

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