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Web Design Services - Lloydminster - Vermilion River CountyWe provide web design solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Working with you, we assess your needs based on your business model and that determines the recommendations and solutions that we suggest. Do we sell you something you don’t need that may cost you unnecessarily thousands of dollars more? No!

Perhaps you sell flowers from your farm, or eggs from your chicken coop and want everyone to know about it. Well, a website is a good start. Perhaps you have people register for regular pickups of your eggs based on how much you typically have? Perhaps you allow preorders on your flowers so you know how many you need to harvest?

Do you simply own a business that needs a complete overhaul and solutions for current issues you are experiencing?

Every website is custom, because every business or organization is different. However, we base our web design on how many pages you might need as well as what you want to actually do with your website. Information based, e-Commerce, Appointment Scheduler?

Lloydminster Today Builds with WordPress

Our websites are built using advanced WordPress strategies. As a result of our approach, our clients have flexibility and room to grow online. You should always be able to expand a website because it’s an ever-growing online organism.

Imagine you launch your website with a basic five-page layout today, but later decide to add a selling component. There is no problem with doing this!

It’s only the beginning of what we can offer you when it comes to user-friendly, quality and efficient websites. Bringing your conceptual idea to the world should be easy for your company or organization. Your idea can be brought to life through our project management approach.

Based on your business type, we create SEO-structured websites with optimized images and keywords. After our websites have been completed, none of them need more work to be marketable. Your first online marketing campaign can start once Lloydminster Today completes your web design!

Web Design - Lloydminster TodayWe pack a ton of value into our web design services……

  • Core Page Imagery Optimization
  • Every website is Mobile Responsive
  • Structured Navigation, Top Menu, Footer Menus
  • Social Media integration with all social platforms desired
  • Social Sharing integration so others can share your business with others
  • Blog area set up for articles and information
  • Customizable Footer for Business information
  • Website Sitemap created, implemented, submitted to search engines for indexing
  • SEO Meta Tags implemented for Optimized Core pages during web build
  • Mobile Call Now quick button on Mobile Version of site (optional)
  • 3 full months of website maintenance included and commences once website is live

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With every new Web Design build, receive a complimentary Featured Listing in the Lloydminster Today Business Directory.


The majority of our website projects for small and medium sized businesses hover around the $1500 range. However, with that said, every project is different because every clients needs something different. Some need more features, some need less. We customize the pricing based on what you need for your businesses online presence to be effective and productive.

We include a Sitemap which is submitted to search engines for indexing but this is not a SEO marketing campaign or program. It is done to provide your website the jump start it may need to get indexed properly.

We also research and add the SEO marketing tags for your core pages on your website. This also is not a marketing program, but coincides with the indexing of your website.

All Content is the responsibility of the client and must be provided by the client. We have a strict copyright infringement policy so all content must be created by / owned by the client. Image attribution is required if imagery is acquired from 3rd party sources like freepik etc..

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