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Links from another website to yours are known as backlinks or inbound links. There is usually no exchange of links with these types of links. Many factors are taken into account when ranking a site by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Among them is the importance of backlinks!

Backlinks from high-quality sites usually rank higher, but there must be a balance. It is also important for search engines to find quality content. It is important to create content that is compelling enough to make you appear as an authority on the subject matter. You can rank better online if you combine quality content with an effective backlink strategy.

The analogy of backlinks as votes was once used by a wise man. Your content is viewed as valuable by other users when a website places a backlink to you on their website. It works like this: the more votes you get, the higher you rank, and the more likely you are to win!

Backlinks SEO - Link Building LloydminsterFor ranking websites, Google used backlinks as a basis for their original PageRank algorithm. The original foundation of backlinks still has a huge impact on page rank even after all the changes to Google’s algorithm over the years.

Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, such as Google, are always searching for quality compelling content. You should always strive to create compelling content. You can easily find your compelling content if you have a great backlink strategy in place.

The importance of backlinking extends beyond the major search engines. Domain Authority and Traffic are used to determine your overall ranking. Feel free to ask any questions you have about your Ranking since there are many factors to consider.

Most business owners don’t have the time to do backlinking themselves because it takes a lot of time and effort. Ensure that the types of sites linking back to you meet search engine standards as well as the types of links you are receiving. There is no guarantee that a site with 10,000 links will outperform one with just 100. Your 10,000 backlinks are worthless if the 10000 web links have a DA of 10 or less and the 100 have a DA of 80.

3 Key Factors – Backlinks

Backlinks SEO - Link Building Lloydminster1. We are targeting a specific keyword or keyword phrase
In our backlink strategy, our W5H is determined by the keywords or phrases used in your website’s SEO strategy. That is the Who What Where When Why and How. It is quite common for backlinks to be based on sites that provide content that accommodates and supports these keywords.

2. In the backlinking process, we want to expose the URLs
Among the different pages on your site, which one provides the best chance for sales? These are the pages we’d like to link to through our back linking strategy. In addition to ranking higher in the search engines, pages that sell are more valuable to you. Therefore, traffic – sales – profits will increase.

3. Take control of your social presence!
Facebook pages and Instagram feeds can be valuable. Is there a tutorial video on YouTube that you provide? Would you mind telling us about it? Since the direction of focus needs to be precise when it comes to backlinking, these things become important factors.
There are a few differences between our backlinking services and those offered by others. It is more powerful to integrate your online assets rather than having each one work independently.

Our Backlinking Plans are Simple!

They All Include:
– Manual Link Building, no automation.
– Up to 90DA (domain authority) links created
– White Hat SEO Backlink Strategy
– Detailed Excel Report To Show Backlink Site

Straight Forward Pricing!
50 High DA Links $150.00 +gst
100 High DA Links $250.00 +gst
250 High DA Links $400.00 +gst

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